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Keep your driveway safe and clear

Property owners and retail businesses know that keeping driveways free from parked cars and warning vehicles that someone might be pulling out make for safe passage from point A to point B. Signage goes a long way toward making sure everyone gets where they’re going without a hitch.

Types of driveway signs

Sometimes it's a matter of keeping your children safe. Sometimes your driveway might be hidden by foliage or buildings, and you need signage to make sure no one gets an unpleasant (and possibly fatal) surprise when you try to pull out. Sometimes you need to keep a loading dock clear. There's a sign for every driveway, and they're a great way to make sure you and anyone else can get into and out of your property without problems.

Because they need to be attention-getting, driveway signs are often red, but in some cases more muted colors like an informational green, attention-getting yellow or plain black-and-white may be appropriate, especially if your sign needs to blend into a preexisting color scheme. Signs can also be customized if you want to put your own personal spin on the message. Driveway signs usually need to get people's attention quickly and effectively, so engineer grade aluminum is the lowest recommended level of reflectivity, and high-intensity or the almost incandescent diamond grade reflectivity may be more appropriate.

Handicapped Parking Signs

As long as you don't post a No Parking sign on public property, and you have plenty of handicapped parking, you're well within your rights to encourage people to find somewhere else to stash their vehicle.
Occasionally, a No Parking sign is all you need to keep people out of your way. Keep in mind that these signs can be posted on private property without a problem, but posting them on-street is a trickier matter, since those areas are considered public property and are controlled by local governments.

Private Property Sign Does it get any clearer than this? If your business takes care of loading or unloading at all hours, a sign that says so is essential. Letting your neighbors know that you run a 24 hour active driveway will help make sure your freight needs are never derailed by a simple parking mistake.

If security is a primary concern, stake a claim to your land with a warning sign or a PRIVATE PROPERTY sign that warns of surveillance or consequences. Your home is your castle – so treat it that way!

Consult national and local regulations to ensure that your driveway signs are in compliance.