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Keep your driveway safe and clear

Property owners and retail businesses know that keeping driveways free from parked cars and warning vehicles that someone might be pulling out make for safe passage from point A to point B. Signage goes a long way toward making sure everyone gets where they’re going without a hitch.

What to look for in a good driveway sign

The particulars of a good driveway sign depend largely on the uses you'll be putting it to. If you're in an urban area, chances are people will be able to see your driveway without a problem, and trespassing may be more of a concern. In rural areas with lots of foliage, visibility may be an issue – and you just want to make sure people know you could be pulling out of your driveway at any time. No matter what, visibility and usability are chief concerns.

In order to ensure easy use, aluminum signs are usually best for these uses. Even though a sturdy aluminum sign may cost a few dollars more than a plastic or homemade wooden one in the short term, it'll save you money over the life of the sign by weathering well and needing replacement only very rarely.

Make sure your sign has pre-drilled holes – this is standard in the sign industry in most cases, but you don't want to spend your week trying to figure out how to drill holes in thick material in case of an unscrupulous manufacturer.

Rounded corners are better than sharp ones, both for safety and for impact – signs with squared off corners can catch on skin or clothing, but they also draw attention to the corners and not the all-important text!

Hidden Driveway

You may not mind if people can't find your driveway, but your hidden driveway sign needs to be loud and clear, like this one.
Your sign should never say anything you can't back up. If your sign threatens with arrest or towing, make absolutely sure that you clear it with local law enforcement. If potential lawbreakers think you're all hat and no cattle, you're inviting problems.

Since you want this sign to be as visible as possible, consider a diamond grade or high intensity grade sign. Although engineer grade reflectivity will probably do the trick, whenever headlights fall on a Diamond Grade or high intensity reflective sign, it lights up like a Christmas tree. Since private driveway or commercial driveway signs need to get people's attention above all else, driveway signs often benefit from the added visibility from these 3M-descended products.